Friday, November 21, 2008

The Craft Show this Weekend and a Fleece Scarf Pattern

I am ready, I think for the craft show this weekend. I haven't done this one at the church right up the street from me, so I still feel like I am a newbie to all this. I am not sure how it is run and I haven't been to it in years past myself so I am really really new. I bought a table (6 feet, I think) and I am sure I will end up needing or at least wanting more space. I know I am rambling but I need to get the nerves out.

So this afternoon I am to go set up my space. I have all my supplies and my merchandise. I am taking fleece scarves, fleece dog toys, dog biscuits, hairbows, and some cards I had left over from previous craft shows. I am also taking the pencil toppers too. I decided against apple butter since I only was able to can 8 small jars and I am going to give them as gifts this year. But that is a lot on one table of only 6 feet.

I have a stand for the hairbows so that will get them off the table but the scarves take a lot of room and then the cards. Well, I will figure it out when I get there. I need to remember my camera so I can take some pictures for all of my two readers out there. Thanks guys for reading when I blog.

Whew, okay I had a goal to sell at least $150 of merchandise but I will really be happy with $100. I want to make some money for Christmas.

In honor of the giving season I am posting my instructions for making a fleece Boa Scarf! So here it is: I will post a picture of it later for you to see the finished project.

What you need:

2 pieces of fleece patterned, coordinating, or matching colors, 9 inches wide by 48-60 inches long. The bolts of fleece come usually in 56-60 inches long so just purchase 19 inches of fleece and cut in half. I like to buy a bit extra so I can even it up.

a cutting mat and rotary cutter (or plain ole scissors will work)

coordinating thread.

Here is the hard part, sew the two pieces of fleece right down the middle together. Put one on top of the other and sew right down the middle, you know in the middle. Then take your roatry cutter and cut fringe about 1 inch wide into the sewed part leaving about an inch before you hit the stitching. Then cut the other side in fringe. Shake out and there you have it. Very easy!! Don't worry I will take some pictures and post this weekend for you to get a visual on this.

Okay wish me luck!

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