Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas in just a few weeks!! Update on Craft Show

And I am not ready yet. In years past I have gotten most of my Christmas shopping done the weekend before Thanksgiving. Then I scan the Black Friday ads and end up doing a lot of exchanges and returns and re-buys that weekend because of the sales. So not this year. I decided to wait until Black Friday to BEGIN my shopping. We are on a tighter than tight budget this year so I really have to watch my pennies. But today the Monday before Thanksgiving I am feeling a bit out of sorts. I feel like I am behind the curve for shopping and such.

I have three weeks before we go to disney world again and that isn't much time. December 13th is out due to us seeing Santa in the morning. I can use that afternoon but really want to be done done before then. I had thought of doing some holiday shopping on line this year but just haven't mentally gotten there yet either.

I really need to get my act together. I think I know what is bogging me down and I hope to have that cleared up tonight. It is that the Christmas tree isn't in the family room. We thought of putting it in the living room but it looks so lonely in there and we don't really use that room so it isn't in a place that we can sit and enjoy the tree. It isn't in the room that we live in. So here is the problem. All my scrapbooking and crafting stuff is in the corner where we usually put the Christmas tree. That means that I have to clear out all my stuff and put it somewhere so we can move the tree down there. I considered swapping my scrapbook stuff to the living room which isn't such a bad idea but then that room really is a more formal room and I tend to be messy with my stuff so it isn't quite the right place. So at this point I have to pack it all up. Yup ALL of it. And that is what I am going to do tonight. I started yesterday and I am about a third done. Tonight it just needs to go somewhere.

Just to get you in the mood for decorating your house, here are some links that you might like! (too many trees for me but I picked up an idea or two anyway) Scroll all the way down to the big pictures. there are soo many trees!!! cool give aways and lots of ideas on what to do to get ready for Christmas.


Remember by goal for the Craft Show this past weekend? Well I hit my goal, sort of. I said I would like to make $150 but would be happy if I broke $100. I ended up making $130! I think that is pretty good since there weren't nearly as many people as I had thought there would be. I was really hoping for more people but they just weren't there. I suppose the economy has everyone not shopping anymore. I didn't sell any scarves and I thought they would be big sellers but not a one. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year?? Sh, don't tell....a SCARF!

Oh, and while sitting there during one of the many lulls, I remembered that I forgot my camera AGAIN! sorry for no pics... :(

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