Friday, February 15, 2008

Update on the sweater

I have been working on my youngest daughter's sweater and I have finished the back and am working on the front. It is about half way done. This sweater pattern is very quick and easy. I would recommend it for any first time sweater maker who wants to break out of the "I only knit scarves" rut.

I have been missing my crochet though recently and have been tempted to pick up my hooks. I really want to finish one project before starting another but the urges have been there.

Does anyone else read the Yarn Harlet blog? Boy does she knit fast.

Oh my middle daughter had learned to knit. She can't keep with a project very long and she sometimes forgets to take the stitch off her needle and she ends up adding stitches here and there but she is getting very good. One day she will decide to sit down and make a scarf and then she will be hooked!!! Waaa haaa haaaa..... She's under my spell now!

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