Thursday, May 23, 2013

Have you ever had one of those days????

One of those days where you get out of bed and forget to turn on the coffee maker and realize 30 minutes later that your coffee isn't perking?

Where you have to organize five boxes of books for the used curriculum sale but they are all in another room and you have no one to help you move them so you have to carry the heavy boxes yourself up and down stairs to get them all in one room?

Where you then grab your cup of coffee and head in the living room where the 5 boxes are sitting, sit your coffee down and look around for those little round stickers to put the prices on the books, can't find them, sit your coffee down and go searching for those little day-glow stickers?

Where while looking for the neon fashion colored stickers a child calls from the kitchen with a question on finding the degree of one angle of a triangle, so you sit down and help solve the equation, teaching her how to do it on her own, checking to make sure she knows how much all the angles in a rectangle add up to because you know that question is coming next, but still no fuchsia stickers in sight?

Where you check your desk, realize you haven't checked emails, Facebook, etc this morning, so you sit down for 10 minutes to do that and search for those sticker dots again to no avail?

Where you go into the laundry room for that was the last place you saw them and while you are in there you switch out the laundry, fold the load from the dryer and call for a child to come get their pile of clean clothes to take to their room, knowing that said pile of clothes will just end up on the floor again and back into the laundry basket to be washed before wearing yet again?

Where you take up your own load of clothes to your room, wash your face and brush your teeth, check the clock and realize it is 12:30?

Where as you are gathering up another load of dirty clothes your son comes up and announces that dad is coming home for lunch and he would like a ham sandwich and your son announces that he would like one too?

Where you go down stairs with the load of clothes drop them off in the kitchen while you make the sandwiches, pick up the load of dirty clothes to take them to the laundry room, where your daughter calls you into the family room where she would like you to show her how to wind the bobbin on your sewing machine that she is borrowing because hers is broken, so you sit down to wind the bobbin, change the foot, and thread the machine for her?

Where your husband walks in while you are putting the laundry in the washer and you tell him you want to run to the grocery while he is home so you can get some more of those silly stickers to which he grumbles something and moves into the kitchen?

Where you return to the kitchen to tell him you are leaving when you turn around, look out the window and see that the Heavens have opened up and it is POURING. DOWN. RAIN. so you decide to wait for the quick shower to pass by?

Where your husband walks into the kitchen as you are cleaning up the lunch dishes with a full cup of COLD coffee from the living room that you forgot you put there and never drank?

Where you ask your husband if there is enough money in the checking account to go to the grocery store and he says he is running to check his mailbox and go to the bank, so you sit and wait for him to return and when he does he says, "oh you are back from the grocery store already!" and heads back out to work?

Where you get the kids' shoes on and get everyone ready to get in the car to go to the grocery store and it starts POURING DOWN RAIN again {sigh}?

Where you get to the grocery store FINALLY and you find that they are marking down the bakery items for quick sale and you are the first one to the sale rack??? SCORE!

Yeah that was my day today! {said with a yummy donut in my mouth and a new cup of coffee that I just brewed}

Okay, off to go put those little day-glow, neon stickers on my books for the sale tomorrow! :) I wouldn't change my life for nothing!!!

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