Saturday, May 18, 2013

Frustrated - because of RAIN!

Yesterday we had a bit of a yard sale.  We pulled out the stuff that we didn't want to pack and move with us.  Clothes, books, toys, Halloween costumes, linens, and lots of other stuff.  Because it was Friday and Friday isn't usually a yard sale day in our area we didn't expect much.  We did make $130.  We packed everything up and set it aside under a canopy.

There was a chance of rain.

It rained. Poured.

This morning the yard and driveway were soaked.  The canopy had water stuck in it.  The stuff underneath, okay not all the stuff, some of the stuff got wet, but most of it was pretty dry.  HOWEVER there would be no yard sale. It was just too wet outside.  So all the stuff came back inside and we gave up.

We did, though, dig up our Hostas in the front flower bed.  I wanted to get them divided.  They are enormous!  We got them dug out and I figured that I would wait a little while and then divide them when they dried out a bit.

About 3 hours later it poured down rain again.  No go on the dividing the Hostas either. UGH!

But, if the buyers of our house drove by today they would think that we were digging all the flower beds up.  LOL  If only they knew that we were actually helping them by dividing these big bad boys for them.  I do hope they love this house.

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