Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Need money??? Just look around...

While we have been reorganizing our home and cleaning out areas that haven't been touched by human hands in a while (that junk drawer and the cabinet in the utility room), we have "found" a lot of money.  One of my goals this year was to have an emergency fund.  I started small just saving a $5 or a $10 when I grocery shop.  I tuck it in a pocket and then put it in a safe place only I know about.  I have had to dip into the "secret fund" though once in a while and it gets depleted and then slowly refuned.  Well, as we have been decluttering, reorganizing, and cleaning, I have "found" our change jars and other loose change floating around our house.  I didn't realize how many change jars we actually had.  I had one on my dresser, my husband had one on his nightstand, there was one on his desk and one in the kitchen, oh, and one above the washer and dryer.  Whew. 

I collected them all the other day and put the change in a big ziploc bag, well two bags really.  I took them to the bank where there is a coin counter and I poured those bags in there.  I came out with $287!!  Yes, you read that right!  $287!!!

I took half of that and put it in our emergency fund and the other half went to pay a bill.  It was like paying that bill for free this month.  I was so excited.  Not only does our budget have a little more cushion in it but our emergency fund it filled back up too. 

So just when you think you might be out of money, look around and you might find that you have a coin jar or two that you can use.

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