Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Resolutions and Food

This year, 2010 will be bringing several changes to our lives as a family. Oh who am I kidding. Not much is going to change around here. We are set in our ways and we like our meals on the go. That is because we are an on the go kind of family, which is one thing we are trying to change, the on the go part. We are trying to settle down a bit and not fill our calendars too fat. With that we will be having more dinners at home. The biggest part I suppose is that we will be planning more which will reflect in our meals.

Here is our first plan:
Monday: Chicken Parmesian, spaghetti and salad
Tuesday: BBQ, made in the crock pot, chips and raw veggies
Wednesday: Steak, Potatoes, salad
Thursday: left overs/sandwiches
Friday: Dinner on the road to the beach
Saturday: TBA? (we will be at the beach so who knows what we will feel like)
Sunday: Dinner on the road back from the beach.

Have you ever spent $75 at the grocery and then the next day run back to the grocery and spend another $30 and then later that day go back for a few more things and spend another $30 and two days later spend another $65? That seems to be us right now. AND my husband is at the grocery yet again for the fifth time in as many days. This is another resolution we have. We need to plan a menu and stick to it and then shop for the week and not go back. We spend way too much money going back and forth to the grocery every other day.

I think two food related resolutions are enough don't you think? I do.

Oh, and I will be posting more from my Dad's collection of recipes as I go through them as well as some of my own.

Happy New Year.

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