Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

I am back. Not sure for how long but I am back for now. I started a new blog today for my Project 365. You can find my photo of the day here at . I have already posted my first day there.

Well, I haven't been blogging but I have been crafty in the past several months. I have been sewing a bunch and took a few sewing classes. We have made lots of things too. The most recent things we made were Christmas Tree skirts and napkins that fold into a Christmas Tree. You have to see it to believe it. We put the napkin sets up at the local pharmacy to sell and they have all sold. I think we had 20 sets total up there. They sold quickly too.

In November I started my Disney 2008 album and am about 1/3 done it. I had wanted to get the whole thing done before we went to Disney in December but that didn't happen. BUT it did get me moving on it. As I said, I am about a third done. This one won't take me 7 months to complete though. Well, it better not!

I am still making and selling my princess hair ribbons and need to make more. I am still crocheting and knitting too. While on our trip to Disney I made little neck scarves that cross just in front and don't have all the weight of a long scarf. They are fun and I gave one to my MIL for Christmas. She seemed to like it.

I have some crafty goals for 2010 this year.
1. complete my project 365-photo of the day blog.
2. make a quilt
3. complete my Disney 2008 album.
4. get a complete list of birthdays, anniversaries, etc for all of the family and make sure I send a card for every one.

Okay #4 isn't very crafty but it is necessary. I am so remiss in sending cards to people. If you are family and you are reading this I am sorry. It is never my intent to forget your birthday or anniversary but somehow I find myself doing it every time. I intend to be better this year.

Do any of my two blog readers have crafty goals for 2010???

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  1. I just might be your 3rd reader! That's good for me cause 3 is "my" number! :o)
    I wish you the very best in the new year...and I hear you about starting back to work...except, I have been in bed like 830 pm every night and up at 6 am every day. My excuse, recouping from surgery!
    Happy New Year and the best of luck in the new year!