Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Sneak Peak

Well, not a real peak but just a little snippet about what I have been up to. Check in a day or so here and you will really see what I have been doing!

I am not sure if you know but we got a dog about 6 weeks ago. Now this puppy is just too too cute and the kids love her and she loves the kids. She is a Golden Retriever and she is a perfect pet for our family. My bunch love to pick her up, carry her around, dress her up, and generally touch her constantly. They even pet her when she is eating. In fact, the other day my smallest one was holding the dog's jaw as she was eating (the dog was eating). Well, most breeds I know wouldn't stand for someone holding their mouth while they were eating. They would growl, bark or even BITE at the person interfering with their ability to partake in chow. This dog, however, just let her do it, not barking, growling, moving away, or biting. Nothing. Just kept eating. I don't know of a nicer, kinder, gentler breed of dog. She is perfect for us.

In honor of this wonderful addition to our family, I made her some dog biscuits, well lots of dog biscuits. I have adjusted the recipes that I have found and created some of my own. So now we have more treats than she could ever eat. Thus was created Annabelle's Edibles! I will be introducing a whole line of whole foods treats for dogs of many sizes and shapes and health issues. If your dog has fleas, I have a treat for you. If your dog is small, I have a treat for you. If your dog is large, I've got you covered. If your dog is diabetic, even you can find a treat with me. All are healthy and tested by Annabelle!

Annabelle was also getting bored with her puppy toys and I happened to be making some blankets. I used some of the fleece that I had leftover and made some rope tug toys for Annabelle. Boy, did she go crazy over these! And yes, I went a bit overboard too. She now has way too many and so these will be for sale too. They are perfect for puppies of all sizes and ages. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to fit your personal tugging needs. Annabelle came to me yesterday with her navy blue one and dropped it at my feet. when I didnt move, she picked it up and dropped it in my lap. She wanted to play. Now these tugs are the first things she goes to for playtime. Doggie tested, they don't shred like thread rope bones and they can easily be thrown in the washer and dryer. They hold your scent on it so the dogs love it. And after the workout she gave that tug last night with my husband, they hold up to some pretty strong tugging!

So, please check back here and at the store for cool toys and treats for your perfect puppy! Oh, if you read this and are dying to get your hands on some treats or tugs and the store isn't open yet email Annabelle at annabellesedibles@yahoo.com, I am sure she has a few (hundred) to spare.

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  1. yaaay goldens are PERFECT dogs for families. They are such good nature pets.
    congrats on the treats and the tug toys Hope you sale all of them!!!