Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tacos on the Grill AND a Lovely Surprise!!

Tonight we cooked tacos and quesadillas on the grill.  Remember??? Our stove and oven are broken.  The repair man comes on Tuesday so we are cooking on the grill.

Our grill came with a cast iron griddle and that is on the left.  On the right of the grill I used my cast iron pan for the taco meat.  There is a burner far on the right where I made the Mexican rice for dinner.

The quesadillas were really good. This was the first time we had used the griddle on this grill and it worked beautifully.  I also used the griddle to heat up the tortillas.  Yum.

It was sort of chilly outside so I used the grill top to keep the heat in while the food cooked.

All in all the only thing I can think of that we need in an emergency situation is a tray with high sides to carry things from the kitchen to the grill area.  I had a folding table behind me as a prep station.  I should have taken a picture of the whole set up for you but ..... well while I was out there cooking we had a bit of excitement .......

One of our cows had a baby!!!

Isn't it cute????  It must have happened sometime today when we weren't looking.  Mom and baby seem to be doing well.

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