Monday, February 3, 2014

God is GOOD!

This past weekend we continued to have more and more "drama" at the flea.  I told you the start of the weekend and on Sunday I was at the information booth chatting with our friendly "rules enforcer" Billy.  He is nice enough but he is the one when there is a problem with a vendor or someone selling the same stuff too close then he gets involved.  He also makes sure that all the booths that are taken are paid for and that someone isn't using an empty booth for free, etc.  So he and I are chatting about stuff in general.  A lady walks up and she is looking for a map and then she turns to me and asks me if I work here.  I am thinking she is looking for a particular booth and I say yes.  Billy says, "This is one of our vendors, how can I help?"  She then says, is it okay for a vendor to cuss at a customer?  Billy says, "This is a family friendly place, cussing at a customer is not allowed, no."  She says, well I just heard a vendor cuss at a customer.  Billy asks if she could describe the vendor, where he worked, etc.  She says, "His name is Chad and he sells dips. He just told a customer that he could F---ing do whatever he wanted."  I then walked away, and told Billy I would talk to him later.  Ha ha.... Chad is getting in trouble!!!!

I don't know the end of that and probably won't.  I do know that there are many people in the market who don't like him or have had run ins with him.  The market should throw him out but in the end he will get what he deserves whatever that is.

We came out of this weekend making our average.  It was rent weekend at the market and I went up to pay the rent on Sunday.  Billy was at that window and I told him I wanted to pay the rent and he handed me my bill.  So I hand him my cash and the lady who normally works the booth starts telling me that she was able to adjust our account and get one booth off the bill (the eggs booth) that we don't want anymore.  At the same time my husband calls me and tells me NOT to pay the rent.  He had already talked with the lady who works the rent window and they agreed to wait until next weekend to let her get everything straight.  Well, too late.  I had already given the money to Billy and he had already put it on my account. Sorry. My husband had asked my son to tell me not to worry about the rent payment that he had already taken care of it.

Because of the rent confusion, we ended up not having enough money to make an order from the factory this week.  We woke up this morning knowing that we couldn't make an order and that we would have to wait another week before we could.  We hoped that there wouldn't be anything on the inventory list and we wouldn't feel bad about not being able to make an order. However, we got a phone call about 10 am.  It was a guy who wanted to buy beef jerky wholesale from us.  He wants to sell it at his flea market that he owns about 25 miles away.  He said he got a bag from a guy selling it at his market and wants to start selling it when the guy leaves.

So we discussed it and decided to wholesale to him.  We also knew that he would help us make an order this week.  So we call him back and tell him we will sell to him.  Now we just need to wait for the inventory list to come out by email. The inventory sheet comes out and there are some great  flavors on there that we are desperate for.  So we go ahead and place the order adding the new guy's order too.  Thank GOD we had his order because otherwise we wouldn't be able to pay for the order. Nor would we have been able to make an order at all for us.  We make about $3 a bag selling it wholesale. So we are making a bit of money on his order too.  This is what we used to pay for part of our order.

God is so perfect and has perfect timing for everything.  We are so thankful.

We met up with the guy, today and he tasted some of the flavors that he would be getting from us.  We hit it off right from the beginning.  He is from our home state and he reminds me a lot of my uncle.  We talked for a long time and he told us to put our label on the jerky that we put on it for us to sell.  He said he would be happy to promote our website. He also asked if he could sell our product at local festivals and at the speedway during their events and such.  UH YEAH!!  We have wanted to sell ours there but the fees to get a booth is high and we don't have enough manpower to do that.  So by him doing it then our product gets into more hands and it will promote our website!!  :D  We love that idea.  We don't have to pay the fees, he will and we won't have to man the booth, he will.

So now we are in the wholesale business and we are still promoting our website too.  What wonderful blessings.

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