Friday, February 22, 2013

Selling our House

In January we spent a lot of time on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We love the beach, walking everyday, the ocean waves, the calmness.  Now this is a vacation to us and we are well aware that when you talk about moving to a "vacation" area the vacation feel goes away.  But the beach is still there, the calmness when you walk on the sand and hear the ocean waves are still there.

In February we were given a great gift from a friend of ours.  She couldn't use her time share in Daytona Beach and offered it to us.  While we were there we fell in love with the area, the beach, the people, the architecture, and the fact that it is so inexpensive to live there compared to living where we do.  We knew we needed to move anyway and sell our house so when we returned we wasted no time and put our house on the market.

Our house is for sale. Notice I didn't say our HOME is for sale.  It isn't our home anymore, it is someone else's home.  Right now it is just our house and we live here for a bit longer. Our HOME is wherever we are, it isn't a place or a building.

We have been madly decluttering and working to get the house packed up and tidied up for people to come see it.  We have had 3 showings so far and no offers but it is early yet and we are hopeful. It will sell. I know it will.

I mean, who doesn't want a bedroom this big???

Yes, that is a KING size bed in there flanked by two three drawer dressers for night stands! There is one on each side.

Selling our house means that we are trying to eat down our food storage, organize our belongings and work to pack up only the items we LOVE.  I will be posting more on the sale and packing and moving in future posts.


  1. If that bedroom is any indication, I can just imagine how grand the rest of the house looks. Seeing that you've already had 3 stagings at this point means there is a market, so I wouldn't worry so much about having no offers just yet. Good luck with selling and your move! -Calvin Mordarski@City Block Team

  2. “Our HOME is wherever we are, it isn't a place or a building.” - That's true! Or simply saying, “home is where your heart is”. A house is just a structure; a property you can sell or rent for profit. People move around not for the house, but to be with 'who' they consider as home.
    → Kathleen @