Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's in your stocking?

I know I posted a few down that I am trying to add preparedness items to my list of gifts that I am giving.  Now that I am pretty much done with my Christmas gift shopping I thought I would update and list the items that I am giving away.

1. baseball cap head lamp, clip on light.  This is a light that clips on to your baseball cap.  It is like a headlamp but you don't have to wear it like a goober.  It is a cool looking headlamp.  I just hope it works well.  (bought at Kohls $9.99)
2.  Hand and foot warmers.  I found these at Target in the $1 spot.  They will be great for adding to our 72 hour kit as well as for him when he is working. 
3.  New flannel lined jeans.  Why are these on the preparedness list?  Because they are awesome, warm and durable.
4. Pocket sized flashlight
5. A battery operated coin sorter.

1.  Pocket sized flashlight.
2.  small trinkets to go in his 72 hour kit for entertainment.

1.  pocket sized flashlights
2.  small trinkets to go in their 72 hour kits for entertainment.

Sister and boyfriend:
1. pocket sized flashlights
2. paracord bracelets
3. neck warmer (gators) scarves

I have on my list a multi-tool and I saw a cute small one at Kohls for $10 the other day.  Get this.  It was PINK!  How awesome is that.  It was in the men's section where they have the seasonal gift items.  I am hoping that my husband will find it.

By the way, while shopping at Kohls I was pleasantly surprised that there was so many items for sale that had to do with preparedness.  Many multitools, battery rechargers, pocket knives, flashlights, headlamps, car chargers, emergency kits for cars, first aid kits, and more.  Target also had many of these items also.

What is on your list this year?  What will be in your stocking?

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