Saturday, November 5, 2011

My food storage finds this week

I have been really focused on beefing up our food storage recently.  I have some meals planned, just in case, and I know what we all enjoy eating.  I have decided to focus right now on meals that I know my family will eat and meals that we eat often.  I will work on the extras of food storage including items that are more for longer term storage a bit later.

I figure that the most likely thing that will happen in the near future will probably be further increases in food prices, our income decrease and so by working to beef up our food storage we will be able to eat for cheaper longer.  Make sense?  Well that is okay, it does to me.

This week I had to run to the store to get some steaks that my husband wanted to have for dinner.  We had two rib eyes already but it wasn't enough for all of us so I was after rib eyes.  Well when I got to the store I found that a package of rib eyes were $13.  The package had two rib eyes in it.  I looked around a bit more and found a big tenderloin roast for $34.  I asked the butcher to cut it for me in 1 and 1/4 inch cuts.  He did and repackaged it for no extra charge.  So for $34 I got 9 tenderloins for us to grill.  We ate 5 of the smaller ones that night for dinner and we have another 4 larger ones for another night in the freezer.  Plus I still have the two rib eyes that we were going to eat in the freezer for another night.  I did the math and the tenderloin cut into 9 steaks came out to a bit over $3 a steak.  You can't beat that with a stick.

While I was there I also saw that they had Halloween candy on sale for $.50 a package.  Yup they did!  I scooped up 4 candy corn packages and they will go in the freezer and come out another time that we need a bit of something sweet in the house.

Another night I was at Target and they had Del Monte canned veggies on sale for $.65 a can.  Usual price on these are $1.08 a can so even though I didn't have a coupon I went ahead and grabbed a dozen cans.  They also had the "Cream of" soups for $.59 a can so I grabbed about 6 of them.  We use the "cream of" soups for lots of recipes, so I like to have these on hand.

While those veggies were a great price and I felt good about getting them I was a bit fumed to see when I was at the grocery store these same cans on sale for $.49 a can.  However, I kept my emotions in check and went ahead and bought 20 more cans.  With my family getting older my pre-teens are beginning to eat me out of house at home so I know we will go through these cans quickly.  What excited me more was when I got home and was able to fill in all my can holders with these cans.  They are now all full again.

Other items that I stocked up on was baking powder for $1 a container, a large package of pancake mix, strawberry jam (two large jars for $4.18). Oh and toilet paper and paper towels. (I buy the Sam's Club Members Mark brand for both).

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