Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finished Sock with two toes!

I finished the sock last night that I had decided to put in an "afterthought heel". I am so glad I didn't chicken out and that I tried this method. So let's recap a bit. I was knitting a sock and I screwed up the heel because I had originally chickened out and opted to put in a regular heel but I messed it up so I ripped it all out. Then I knitted in a piece of waste yarn where the heel should go. I then just continued to knit the tube of the sock all the way to the toe.

Here is where we are now. Knitted tube and toe (real toe). In this picture you also see that I have two needles in the sock. I picked up the stitches just above and just below the waste yarn. It was easy because you can use the waste yarn as your guide so you don't pick up stitches in another row.


Then I used a small crochet hook and took out the waste yarn. I divided on side (can be top or bottom) onto two needles. Now I have three needles in and a "hole" but no loose strings. (how cool is that?? You aren't cutting any yarns)

You say, but you have a loose string right there on the bottom, I see it. Yes I do but that is the yarn I am beginning to knit with. One loose string.

Then you just knit another toe, exactly like you knit the first toe. Decrease 4 on every other round until you get to the last couple rounds of decreases and then you decrease every round (usually for me that is the last three rounds). Darn off like the toe of a sock, and voila, a heel.


How cool is that!!

Here are the things I like about this:
1. When using a stripe you have a full stripe. See how the stripe continues all around the sock even into the heel? A regular heel will give you unmatching rounds of stripes where you have to turn the heel. I never liked this look. This new heel (adding a toe) allows you to knit in the round and it makes the stripe flow better. Understand what I am saying???

2. It is pretty quick and not much counting or thought involved. Seriously, you knit a tube to the end then come back and add the extra toe for the heel. A toe is so much easier than a heel anyday. You can use this on patterned socks too because the pattern is never on the heel anyway so you don't have to worry about messing up the pattern.

3. You can do the heel and toe and cuff a different color and it will look so cool. Or even if you just to the heel in a different color. That would look fun too.

4. Did I say it was easy? No math involved???

Oh, and the sock fits great!

Okay, one little thing I didn't like about it. There is a part in the corners (side of your foot where the heel is connected) that the stitches get a bit stretched and it looks like a hole is there. I think you can fix this by making your stitches a bit tighter or picking up a row down, I think. I picked up a row down when I realized that I was going to have a "hole" and this seemed to help. I will perfect this problem on the next sock.

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