Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Goodies

Okay, well just cards but they were still fun to make.

My youngest daughter and I have a running "joke" about loving Dora. She used to love Dora but she no longer thinks Dora is cool. She IS 8 you know. Anyway, I had some fun 3D Dora stickers and I had used the big Dora on a layout of her 3rd birthday when she chose Dora as her theme. I had some left over ones and thought I would make her a Valentine's Day card with the rest of the stickers. I took one look at Boots and I knew exactly what the sentiment would be. I went with the rhythm of the kids valentines that you get in the box and they give to their friends. So here is the front:

Boots Valentine's Day Card

And here is the back:

Inside of the Boots Card

Don't you just love the little insect band?? They were always my favorites in the show.

Once I did her card I knew I had to make one for the other two also. My son's was easy also. I had some 3D Hot Wheels stickers that were laying around. I hadn't used them and I doubt I would have on a layout. So here is the front:

Hot Wheels Valentine's Day Card

And here is the inside:

Inside of the Hot Wheels Card

I love the way it turned out.

So then came time for my middle daughter's card. I didn't have any themed stickers for her unless she wanted Tonka trucks but I knew that she wouldn't appreciate that. So I went with something a bit prettier: butterflies from Wild Saffron. Here is the front:

Butterfly Valentine's Day Card

And here is the inside:

Inside of butterfly card

I had decided from the beginning that I wouldn't be using the typical holiday colors of pink and red. I wanted something a bit different. I love how all these cards turned out and I loved their faces when they opened them.

However, there isn't a happy ending to this story as I am pretty sure that at least two of the cards are already in the trash. They weren't treasured for very long. But that is okay as they were really only meant to be savored for just a few minutes and they did their job.

Unfortunately they didn't hold any treasures which was a disappointment to the kids. Now that they are getting older they are beginning to expect a gift card or a gift of some sort for each holiday. They were disappointed this Valentine's Day when all they got was my heart, well, and a homemade card.

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