Friday, January 21, 2011

I Sewed on Paper


I did it. I sewed on paper. I made this notecard as a practice for sewing. It is pretty fun but it takes a long long long time. Or maybe I am just a slow sewer. (ha ha...say that three times fast...slow sewer...slow sewer...slow sewer) Okay, moving on.

Notecard detail

I learned a few things.

1. You need to poke a hole the same size as your needle but don't use your needle to do it. You will bend your needle and your pointer finger will get sore from pushing on the top of the needle.

2. When you sew through two layers or more of paper it is harder to push your needle through. There is thicker paper AND the adhesive holding the two pieces of paper together gets on your needle making it even harder to push through. Ugh!

Notecard Detail 2

3. Sewing is addictive. I really like the looks of the sewing, particularly the different stitches.

4. The back gets bulky with the string all back there. This makes it hard to adhere to more paper. (But it still works)

5. You really have to plan and poke your holes slowly so your holes all are in the right place as well as straight. If you don't have your holes straight your stitches won't be straight.

I think I will be sewing more often on things.

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