Saturday, February 20, 2010

Puzzles and Cards

Over the past few weeks we have been dumped on with snow. Not near as much as those in PA and WVA but we have had our fair share. In the process of waiting to be melted out of the house the kids and I did some puzzles. We took pictures of two. We got them from the Goodwill and the top puzzle had four pieces missing. Do you know how hard it is to do a puzzle when there are mystery pieces missing?

This puzzle below had all the pieces. It was a thousand piece puzzle as the other one was "only" five hundred pieces. They both took us a couple days to complete. I tell you, my smallest child is the one with the most patience to complete the puzzles. She does a good amount of the work on them too.

Below, I have a few of the Valentine's Day cards I made. The top is just a general one.

These are the cards I made for the kids! They turned out great and the kids love the handmade cards.

This Valentine's Day card below was to my wonderful husband.

This is a close up. I just love this stamp.

This was a 'warm up' card to get the juices flowing. I hate this one. I don't think I did very well and because of that I just kind of stopped and didn't finish it. I am not really sure why I took the picture of it either. Oh well.

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