Monday, May 18, 2009

Still haven't found my mojo yet.

Hmmmm....if you have found it at your house can you ship it back to me. I am a bit frustrated by the lack of even interest in scrapbooking and that is just not like me. What is worse is that I have two of my children's birthdays coming up and I thought about making invitations but thought against it and decided to BUY! Oh my, my creative strike is worse than I originally thought. However, I might be FORCED to make the invitations just due to lack of funds in our household right now. Maybe if I am forced to do it then the Mojo will be found in the stacks of junk on my scrabook table.

Anyway, I have NOT been without a project and I recently picked up a couple skeins of yarn and am crocheting again. It is nice to have the rhythem and pace of crocheting back. You really move into a trance with it and it is welcoming to my brain. I am currently making two baby blankets. One is green and off white and the other is a blue yarn with pink, purple, yellow, and green specks. Both are make in the granny square pattern and will be a square blanket. I sure hope the recipients like them. A baby is always great for crocheting.

So check back because I might just have to play with some paper soon. Or maybe I will just make the invites on the computer instead......

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