Friday, March 13, 2009

A layout and a Card

This is the card that I made for the AMR challenge. The challenge was to make a card that was mostly green. I used a pattern from a Stampin' Up video I saw on YouTube. It thought it was neat how the card was a Z-fold. However, when I made it I didn't like it so much. Perhaps with different paper or a different style but this card is just okay in my book. I ended up having to glue the short foldover on the front of the card down. I am not sure that the card was supposed to be glued on the top but it just wouldn't stay shut. Maybe it was the thickness of the paper. I am rambling. I used crystal stickles on the chick and around the border.

The layout is from 2005. It is of my son and youngest daughter. It was bathtime. Well, I guess you can surmise that from the pictures of the layouts. It is a two-page spread and I used skittles to resemble bubble water spray. How did I do?

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